806836 – Calculation of score for Price Level


Wrong score calculated for Sub-criteria: Price Level.

Other Terms

EFFPR, EFFPM, Effective price, Market price, NETPR, EINE, EINA, Info record, T147, T147K, eval_pricelevel_criteria, score, price level, me_get_price_for_supplier, me_pricing_inforecord, ME63, ME61, MEPRI, price simulation, SIMNG, simulation quantity, NORBM, standard order quantity

Reason and Prerequisites

Both effective price and market price are used to calculate the score for price level. The information comes from all the info records for this vendor and purchasing organization, and from the market price defined by you.

If no market price is defined, the system calculates a market price. It uses the materials from all info records of the vendor who is being evaluated, and then looks for all other info records for each material. The effective prices are added together, and used in a formula to come up with a market price for each material.

Then the effective price and the market price are used to determine a price level for that material. This is a percentage. The system checks customizing (table t147k) to determine a score for each record. After the scores are determined for each record, an average is calculated to determine the total score for the price level subcriteria.


The subcriteria Price Level is calculated as follows:

First the system reads all info records for the vendor and purchasing organization.

Table EINA is read, and then table EINE for each record retrieved from EINA. An internal table of info record numbers results. The system takes an info record one at a time, and attempts to determine an effective price and a market price for each.

First new pricing is run to determine the net price.
The base quantity used for determining the condition values, comes from the standard order quantity defined in the info record( EINE-NORBM)
If no price is found in the info record, the price will come from the last document(as long as the document date is within the applicability time defined in customizing, T147-STAGE).

The effective price is calculated (EFFPR) for each info record, in the base unit of measure, using the standard order quantity from the info record  as the simulation quantity (EINE-NORBM).

The following formula is used:
EFFPR  =  effective value  * pricing unit  * 1000 / simulation qty

Next the system checks for a market price for each info record.

The system takes each info record one by one, for which no market price was determined.

All info records existing for the material are retrieved.
The effective price for each is determined.
A formula is used to calculate a market price for each, using the effective price information.
The individual market prices are added together, and the sum is assignedthe market price in the info record of your vendor.
Therefore, pricing information for multiple vendors can be included in the determination of the market price for the vendor that you are currently evaluating.

The result is an Effective Price (EFFPR) and a Market Price (EFFPM) for each info record of the vendor being evaluated.

Price Level, can then be calculated for each info record, using the following formula:

Price level = (effective price – market price) * 100 * 10 / market price

Customizing is checked, and a score is assigned for each info record.
The scores are added together, and the total score for the subcriteria Price Level is determined for the vendor that you are evaluating.

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